Return to the Office / Hybrid Leadership - Lab Session - Free of Charge

Even as more and more teams are returning to the office, remote work has become a staple of our work life and is here to stay. This means that hybrid forms of collaboration are quickly becoming the new reality. 

As leaders, we want to enable our teams to shape this new reality to our collective advantage. How do we start the conversation with our teams? How can we get everyone on board with the changes that might be necessary to old routines and structures? How do we take advantage of the opportunities of hybrid forms of collaboration?

For the last two months, a group of Kaospilots* from Denmark have been collaborating with The School of Life Berlin. In this lab session, they will do a trial run of their workshop concept on Hybrid Leadership. 

In this workshop

  • We will take you through an interactive process which provides alternative approaches to solving the challenges of hybrid team work and taking advantage of the opportunities.

  • You will learn ways to start the conversation with your team about the future of work and how it affects your team.

  • You will practice a method to engage your team to co-create the new reality of how you collaborate as a team.  

  • You will heighten your awareness of the obstacles and opportunities on the path to hybrid forms of collaboration.

*Kaospilots is a three-year Enterprising Leadership Programme located in Aarhus, Denmark. 

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Return to the Office / Hybrid Leadership - Lab Session - Free of Charge