How to be Serene (English)

Calm has a deep and natural appeal. Most of us long to be more patient, unruffled, at ease and capable of reacting with quiet good humour to life’s setbacks and irritants. But if calm is an ocean, most of us are still in the shallows.

The class How to Be Serene teaches us the art of responding with greater serenity to our challenges. It proposes:

  • Many of the things we fret about are neither random nor vain.
  • The things we worry about are obscure yet critical signals about what may be amiss in our lives.
  • We should not to try to deny or neuter anxiety, but learn to interpret it more skillfully.
  • We should decode the valuable shards of information that our moments of panic are attempting to transmit to us.

Every failure of calm can be analysed in order to reveal something worth knowing about ourselves. Every worry and frustration, every episode of impatience or burst of irritation has wisdom to yield to us, so long as we take the trouble to interrogate it. This class invites us to look more carefully and slowly at our own agitation, with the aim of clarifying our underlying concerns.

How to Be Serene teaches us a toolkit for how to mine our distress for wisdom, and by so doing, to triumph over free-floating or intense anxiety.

Our classes and workshops consist of a varied mixture of input, self-reflection as well as one-to-one and group discussions. Our experienced lecturers convey a multitude of ideas that stimulate the mind and offer new perspectives. You can meet exciting and like-minded people and make new friends. No prior knowledge or preparation are required.

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18.20 - venue opens
18.30 - welcome & drinks
19.00 - class commences
20.10 - break (times vary)
21.30 - class finishes


Manuela Oehler Manuela Oehler is a communication designer, psychologist and systemic coach who is passionately dedicated to promoting health.As a decision coach, she supports people in finding clarity in important life decisions and establishing change in terms of mentally and physically healthy life-styles. During her studies in psychology in Germany, Sweden and Australia, she became aware of how often our decisions are unconsciously influenced by our fears and thereby hinder our personal development – even though, particularly in struggling with decision-making, there is a tremendous potential to understand who we are and which factors are shaping our personalities and life journeys. Facing the stream of life with a bit more serenity is a challenge that she knows personally. Particularly in times of profound change, yoga and meditation help her with buffering turbulences.


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How to be Serene (English)

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