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 For more information and to discuss the learning and development needs of your company please contact:


Dr. Martin Ebeling
Head of Learning & Development

Tel: 030 / 91 51 43 11

The School of Life Experience for Companies and Professionals

More than ever, emotional intelligence and soft skills are central to the long-term well-being of companies and to our professional success. Developing creative ideas, communicating well with colleagues and clients, acting effectively and with confidence, finding meaning in what we do, and adapting quickly to a changing environment are the prerequisites that allow us to prosper at our job and as a company.

Our business programme addresses the needs of companies and professionals in two ways. We run a full programme of learning and development workshops in-house to help develop more emotionally intelligent workplaces, and we offer classes and workshops open to professionals of all strides at our office.

Our classes and workshops are psychologically rich, thought-provoking and enjoyable, often drawing on case-studies from history, philosophy and culture. The content we develop is rigorous, practical, intelligent and delivered in engaging and playful ways. Emotional development and a fully engaged workforce is our mission.

To learn more about our Programme for companies and professionals, view our brochure.

Learning & Developlment Programme - Inhouse

Our Learning and Development programme is designed to build emotional maturity in the workplace through the teaching of 20 core Emotional Skills. To learn more about our learning and development programme, view our brochure or contact us to learn more - we would love to hear from you.

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Open Classes and Workshops

Our open classes and workshops for professionals cover important topics such as communication, giving and receiving feedback, conflict management, entrepreneurship and innovation, effectiveness, resilience, and mindfulness at work. To learn more about our open programme for professionals, click here.