We learn all sorts of things at school - the dates of battles, the names of countries, the sum of the angles in a triangle - but there’s a lot we’re never taught. Though school is meant to prepare us for life, it fails to answer some of its most fundamental questions, particularly those that relate to our emotions: who we should love; what career we should choose; and how we can find both purpose and meaning. Ten years ago, The School of Life was set up to provide us with the emotional education we have sorely missed. Now, in conjunction with Penguin books, writer and founder Alain de Botton and his team have distilled all that they have learnt into a single, essential volume.

The School of Life: An Emotional Education is a comprehensive guide to the art of emotional intelligence. Combining social analysis, philosophical insight and practical wisdom, it presents a curriculum comprising a number of core areas - the Self, Others, Relationships, Work and Culture - that together define our emotional world. We learn all about the transformative power of emotional intelligence, and how it can help us understand ourselves, master love, excel at work, endure through failure and find calm and fulfilment. Wise and witty, humane and hopeful, it’s the textbook we should have been given at school: an emotional encyclopedia.