One-Day Festival Know Yourself

One-day Festival Know Yourself @ Fosbury & Sons

One of the most striking features of our minds is how little we understand them. At The School of Life, we believe this lack of Self Knowledge is very often what stands between us and greater fulfillment – a relationship that will bring us joy, a job that motivates us each morning, or a wiser approach to those situations where we seem to keep making the same familiar, frustrating errors.

Know Yourself will draw on our Core Curriculum, focusing on the exploration of ourselves. The teaching methods aren’t entirely standard – our lecturers invite almost continuous interaction, encouraging participants to actively engage in self-reflection and share their stories, thoughts and reflections with others. As always in our classes and at our events, we aim to establish an atmosphere where all feel welcome to contribute and question, safe in the knowledge that our courage will be met with open-mindedness, and good humour.

Our festival on Self Knowledge is for anyone who wishes to explore what truly interests, motivates and excites us, as well as figuring out what lies behind some of our most important fears, anxieties, and sorrows.

Ken Jezelf-Festival (Eng.)

Opvallend aan onze innerlijke beweegredenen is hoe weinig we er zelf eigenlijk van begrijpen. Wij van The School of Life geloven dat dit gebrek aan zelfkennis veel te vaak in de weg staat tussen ons en een gevoel van en hunkering naar voldoening – een relatie die ons geluk brengt, een job die ons elke ochtend motiveert, of beter omgaan met situaties die ons steeds weer frustreren.

Ons dagfestival Ken Jezelf is opgebouwd uit belangrijke inzichten en ideeën uit ons vaste curriculum, en focust volledig rond zelfkennis. Hoe we lesgeven is allesbehalve standaard – we vragen continue interactie, en moedigen deelnemers aan om actief te participeren en inzichten, gedachten en verhalen met de groep te delen. Zoals altijd in onze klassen en events, bieden we een prettige, mooie en veilige plek waar iedereen welkom is, en waar onze moedige bijdragen beantwoordt worden met begrip en humor.

Deze dag is geschikt voor iedereen die zijn of haar echte interesses, motivaties en keuzes wil doorgronden, en wil begrijpen waarom angsten, barrières en verdriet soms toch de kop op steken.

What will today bring?

  • Lectures, films, music, psychological exercises and conversation
  • A gift bag with emotionally intelligent gifts, on self-knowledge
  • An opportunity to make new friends and connections in the thrilling, exicting location of Fosbury&Sons

What’s the schedule?

9.30-10:00 Welcome & Registration

Get settled in and meet new friends over hot drinks.

10:00-11:30 The Problem of Our Minds and the Solutions to Self Knowledge

11.30 - 12.00 Coffee Break

12.00 - 01.00 On Sociability

01:00-02:00 Lunchtime

Enjoy lunchtime with newly-made friends in Fosbury & Sons, or if you prefer, somewhere outside. Just make sure you’re back in time.

2:00-3:15 On Failure

3:15-3.45 Coffee break

3.45-5:00 On Happiness & Meaning

5:00-6:00 Drinks reception

Discuss what you've learnt over the course of the day over drinks & bites.

Who will teach today?

Life and executie coach and faculty lead and speaker from The School of Life London, Raul Aparici, will lead you through the day, accompanied by Antwerp facultymembers who will, during breaktime, prompt honest, daring questions about our feelings of joy, hope, fear and sorrow, by using our Confessions Game and Conversation Menu.


  • Please note that this One-day Festival Know Yourself includes materials drawn from the following classes: How to Develop Self-Knowledge, How to be Sociable, How to Fail, and the Meaning of Life and will be taught in English.
  • Ticket price does not include lunch, but does include coffee, tea, drinks & bites at the reception, game activities with our faculty, and a goodie bag.


9.30 am Festival commences
6.00 pm Festival finishes


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S 
Koning Albert 11-laan 7
1000 Brussels


  • This Festival is taught in English.
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One-Day Festival Know Yourself

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One-Day Festival
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