Making good decisions is a fundamental aspect of being a trusted co-worker or an excellent leader. Yet, too often, studies show, our emotions have a huge influence over the quality of our decision-making, preventing us from making sound judgments.

In this two-hour session, we will:

  • Consider the barriers to effective decision-making; including decision fatigue, fear of regret, and a lack of self-knowledge
  • Uncover our personal decision-making style
  • Create a plan for how we will take action following our decision and track and adjust over time
  • Learn strategies for reaching sounder, wiser decisions

About The School of Life for Business @Fosbury & Sons

Join us at Fosbury & Sons, where we’ll teach 20 core emotional skills and program our One-day Festivals that will help you flourish. From giving and receiving honest feedback and accepting that it’s OK to fail, to addressing jealousies and insecurities. Learn why our childhoods continue to have an often unhelpful impact on how we deal with colleagues and workload, and the best ways we might speak so that others will listen.

Join us in our practical work that we carry out, endeavouring to change the culture within offices around the world by teaching you the art of emotional intelligence.

About Fosbury&Sons

Fosbury & Sons is an antidote to the office of the past. We've created a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls, a place that feels like home. A human workspace where people collaborate, celebrate and learn from one another. From a private office for you and your team to a flexible membership; we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs of both large and small companies. Fosbury & Sons aims to make a difference in the world of work and to increase the quality of life of their members. Alongside the work space you can find unique meeting rooms and event venues. The in-house restaurant Coffeelabs is also open for non-members on reservation for a delicious & healthy lunch.

Fosbury & Sons is open daily from 8.30am-6pm, and has an in-house restaurant Coffelabs, also open for non-members on reservation for a delicious & healthy snack.


12 pm Workshop commences
 2 pm Session finishes


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S 
Chaussée de la Hulpe 185,
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort


  • This Workshop is taught in English.
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Professional Workshop @ Fosbury & Sons
wanneer en waar:
  • Tue 10 Mar 2020 12 pm - 2 pm
    Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort - Brussels

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