One-Day Festival on Love

One-day Festival Learning to Love @ Fosbury&Sons

In most relationships, we are trying to do something enormously difficult with the bare minimum of support necessary. It is not surprising that – very often – we have troubles. This One-day Festival on Love will teach us, through a combination of lectures, films, psychological exercises, confession and discussion, a basic toolkit of the most fundamental strategies for navigating the course of love.

Our Festivals are very much a 'Conference-mini' – a chance to experience the best of The School of Life's teaching over the course of a day. This event is suitable for absolutely anybody, whether in a relationship or not. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to attend alone or with your partner, a friend or family member (however we do encourage you to interact with other attendees as well as the person you arrived with – it's sometimes easier to open up to a stranger than to someone you know well!). 

At all of our events, we aim to create a safe, sensitive and pleasant environment where everybody feels free to share. Of course, there is absolutely no pressure to share anything within paired or group discussion that you don't feel comfortable with.

Festival van de Liefde (Eng.)

In de meeste relaties gaat het wel eens mis, barst de bom en voelen we ons af en aan zo miserabel dat we wensten dat we er nooit aan begonnen waren. Dat komt omdat we nu eenmaal bezig zijn met iets heel ingewikkelds en fundamenteel menselijks, met een minimum aan hulp en kennis. Want hoe weten we eigenlijk wat de beste en juiste manier is om een relatie te krijgen, gezond en levend te houden, en, als het dan toch moet, te beëindigen? Tijdens ons Festival van de Liefde krijgen we fundamentele strategiëen aangereikt, zodat we straks beter weten hoe we voortaan tussen alle stadia, relaties en perikelen heen kunnen laveren.

Onze Festivals zijn als het ware mini-conferenties, en dé kans om het beste van The School of Life mee te krijgen in één dag. Deze dagen zijn geschikt voor iedereen, of je nu wel of niet in een relatie zit. Kom alleen, met je partner, vriend of familie, maar weet dat het ook de bedoeling is dat je contact maakt met andere deelnemers.

Bij The School of Life denk je na over de belangrijkste onderwerpen uit je dagelijkse leven: werk, vriendschap, liefde, geld, familie en meer. Inzichten uit 2500 jaar cultuur en wetenschap helpen je een wijzer en mooier leven te leiden. Al onze klassen en events gaan door in een veilige, fijne, prettige omgeving waar iedereen zijn of haar gedachten en ideeën kan delen. Onze professionele klassen en festivals organiseren we met dit zelfde uitgangspunt in Fosbury& Sons. Zie je er toch tegenop om je gedachten met anderen te delen, niets moet. Ons uitgangspunt is ontspannen inspanning. Intensief leren en gezelligheid wisselen elkaar af.

What will today bring?

  • Lectures, films, music, psychological exercises and conversation
  • A gift bag with emotionally intelligent gifts, on love
  • An opportunity to make new friends and connections in the thrilling, exicting location of Fosbury&Sons

What’s the schedule looks like?

9.30-10.00 Welcome & Registration
Get settled in and meet new friends over hot drinks.

10:00-11:30 First Content Session: Finding Love
In this morning session we explore the challenge of finding someone to love, and finding love within a new relationship. In order to improve our understanding of why we make the choices we do, we consider our early experiences give us scripts regarding whom we can love, and how. We examine harmful repetitive patterns, and ask whether we sometimes reject love and affection because it makes us anxious. We also look at common problems that arise in long-term relationships, including 'Perfectionism' and the difficulty of learning from one another in order to explore ways to improve our existing relationships.

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

12:00-1:00 Second Content Session: The Skills of Love Part I
We turn to consider the key skills that help us to keep relationships going. At The School of Life, we don't believe that love must inevitably fizzle out over time; this happens when it has not been wisely managed. We discuss how we sometimes give up on love too soon. The end of love is not inevitable, and even seemingly terminal situations can be rescued. We are introduced to the idea that love is not just an emotion; it is a skill that can be successfully learnt and practised. In this section we consider how to communicate, teach and learn, how to allow others to get close to us. We learn how to understand and explain our distinctive way of feeling loved, and how to translate what our partners may be telling us when they aren't communicating well. And we consider how to give, and receive, comfort.

1:00-2:00 Lunchtime
Enjoy lunchtime with newly-made friends in Fosbury&Sons, or if you prefer, somewhere outside. Just make sure you’re back in time.

2:00-3:15 Third Content Session: The Skills of Love Part II
We continue in our investigation of the skills that allow relationships to flourish. We consider how to navigate conflict through humour, how to deal with sexual differences and awkward desires, and how to be appropriately and usefully pessimistic about love. Finally, we discuss the ways in which love is, ultimately, always an act of imagination and generosity.

3:15-3.45 Coffee break

3.45-5:00 Final Content Session: Leaving and Staying & The Good Enough Relationship
In this section of our day we ask the question: what is a good enough relationship? It can be remarkably hard to know what level of compromise, hard work, difficulty and everyday scratchiness we should accept in love. On the one hand, our culture presents us with seductive images of constant intense love and passion; on the other, we hear reminders that relationships are hard work and that we should keep our expectations in check. How then are we to assess the relationships that come our way? How can we decide what the right, sensible level of joy and frustration might be? To begin to answer this question we conduct, audit of love in general and our relationships in particular. We consider how much a couple should argue, what a partner should understand about us, what a 'deal-breaker' should be, and what level of sexual satisfaction is to expected in a good enough relationship. Aside from auditing our attitudes to love, we consider a variety of approaches for either improving or exiting relationships, giving us the tools to put our desires into practice.
We close by considering that many of the answers we crave around love are within us already, waiting for the correct tool to extract them.

5:00-6:00 Drinks reception
Discuss what you've learnt over the course of the day over drinks & bites.

Who will teach today?

Core faculty members who will, during breaktime, prompt honest, daring questions about our feelings of joy, hope, fear and sorrow, by using our Confessions Game and Conversation Menu.


  • Please note that this One-day Festival repeats content from our Love classes and Intensives and will be taught in English.
  • Ticket price does not include lunch, but does include coffee, tea, drinks & bites at the reception, games activities with our faculty, and a goodie bag.


9.30 am Festival commences
6.00 pm Festival finishes


F O S B U R Y   &   S O N S 
Koning Albert II-laan 7,
1000 Brussels


  • This Festival is taught in English.
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