4 English Classes with Happyologist Susanna Halonen

Susanna Halonen, zelf ooit een behoorlijke pessimist maar nu onze enige echte ‘happyologist’, komt opnieuw naar Antwerpen. Grijp je kans om met haar te werken en loop met heldere plannen en de beste ideeën weer naar buiten om twijfel te tackelen en je werk en jezelf op de rit te zetten. 

Happyologist Susanna Halonen returns to Antwerp. From an intimate eveningclass to refreshing dayclasses, take your chance to work with her and find yourself inspired and boosted with clear action plans to put great ideas into use.   

Thu June 7 19.00 Screw Finding Happiness (because it's here)
Fri June 8 10.00 How To Flourish At Work? (and make the most out of your mental resources)

Fri June 8 14.00 How To Work Smarter? (rather than harder)

Fri June 8 10.00 All Day incl. 

Sat June 9 10.00 Stress Less, Live More (and feel better)



Susanna is a life coach and keynote speaker who uses the science of psychology to help you to kill your self-doubt, embrace positive thinking, and build a lifestyle you love. She is the author of Happiness is Here: A 30-Day Guide to Joy and Fulfilment and Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It. She is a published researcher, a TEDx speaker, an online columnist, and a regular commentator in the international media from the BBC to The Huffington Post and more.

In her free time she is a competitive dressage rider with Olympic ambitions. She adores dogs and educates her loyal following through her blog at Happyologist.co.uk.


The School of Life
Muntstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen

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4 English Classes with Happyologist Susanna Halonen

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