How to stay calm?

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This class aims to help us achieve a state of calm that fits our lives and challenges. What can we learn from psychology and philosophy? And how do we find the courage to face our own restlessness.

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About this class

No one is calm all the time. Nor should we be; a touch of fear and adrenaline can be critical to our survival and effective performance. However, many of us will at times experience debilitating anxiety, or have a tendency to lose composure entirely.

We’ll explore the two key relationships that are within our power to improve – our relationship with the world, and our relationship with ourselves. By studying ideas on the origin of unrest, and talking about our experiences, we can discover how we can achieve a more balanced emotional life and a stronger sense of calm.

We talk about the fact that:

  • Many of the things we get angry about are not random or vain.
  • The things we worry about are often vague but very important signals about what is missing in our lives.
  • We should not deny our angry and troubled feelings, but interpret them skillfully.

We’ll discuss ideas that give insight into the sources of anxiety, unrest and calmness. Above all, we discover how anxiety can be used as a catalyst for finding personal freedom. By accepting the intrinsic role of anxiety in our lives, we may be able to live a more authentic life.

Jan Wolter Bijleveld

Jan Wolter Bijleveld writes, speaks, gives workshops and creates, among other things, the podcast Afslag X. He likes to clarify themes such as peace/rest in your head, expectations and perfectionism. After completing an education on communication, he worked as a copywriter and independent concept developer for various organisations. He also developed (stands for letting go) and wrote the books Loslaten, Loswerken en Losleven. His latest book is 'What did you expect?'.

“Your brain is designed to keep you alive. It doesn’t give a shit about your happiness”

Ruby Wax

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