Classes and Events at
The School of Life

Our Core Curriculum of classes are at the heart of what we do and believe. These are offered at our branches around the world alongside our international Conference. 

We are currently offering a number of our classes virtually. Find out more about our classes and branches below. 

Classes and Events at The School of Life

The Curriculum

Each of our branches around the world run our curriculum of classes and special workshops dedicated to helping people improve their emotional intelligence around key areas of their life. The curriculum is designed to provide a deep look at self, others, love and work which can be undertaken on an individual basis or worked through class by class.

The classes are interactive and social in design: based around discussions and exercises which involve group participation and partnering. Drawn from the greatest insights of psychotherapy and culture, the class content is designed to be fun, thought-provoking, engaging and ultimately therapeutic.

Virtual Classes 

Our programme of Virtual Classes enables you to take in our ideas in a live interactive context that will deliver you knowledge, entertainment and connection. Each class is led by one of our highly trained faculty, who will be on hand to answer questions and direct your learning. You will have a chance to meet other class participants and nurture friendships with people from around the world at the same time as you develop your thinking.

 Each of our online classes takes you through a key topic in The School of Life’s emotional curriculum, designed to help you find calm, strengthen your relationships and develop resilience and self-understanding.


The Conference

We run two international conferences each year, each time in a different city. Each event is a three-day weekend covering the very best of our curriculum with many break-out opportunities to meet like-minded students of The School of Life. You will be equipped with a toolkit of Emotional Skills that can revolutionise your relationships, working life and sense of well-being. Find out more and the location and dates for our next Conference here.

Branches Worldwide

The School of Life is truly international. Every branch runs our core curriculum classes and many also have virtual events. 

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