What is The School of Life?

The School of Life is a global organisation devoted to teaching you how to lead a more fulfilled life. We offer insights in the key ingredients of emotional well-being: how to form good relationships, identify a satisfying career, minimise anxiety, acquire confidence and connect properly with friends.

All our services are available around the world in digital format - via books, films, articles, online classes and online psychotherapy.

Introducing Nature and Me

Children are often told that experiencing nature is good for them, but are rarely told exactly why.

Nature & Me is a guide to the joys and therapeutic benefits of the natural world, showing how it can help us with our lives (especially when we’re feeling bored, sad or lonely) and grow up to be more calm, curious and content.

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New Releases

We produce an ever-expanding range of books and tools to support every aspect of life. Our latest books focus on finding calm and learning the life lessons we’ve neglected.


Discover the very best of The School of Life. Browse our most popular and enduring titles, beloved by fans and newcomers alike.

For Kids

No stage in our lives is more important than childhood. Our collection of children’s books, games and tools can spark their curiosity and provide them with a vital emotional education.

Wedding Gifts

A genuinely useful wedding gift can be hard to find. Our selection of books on marriage can help newly-weds discover the secrets of a successful lifelong union.

For Self-Development

Our ‘self’ is never fixed: each of us carries on growing and changing over a lifetime. Our Self-Knowledge range can help you unlock the best version of yourself.

For Calm

In an increasingly chaotic world, few virtues are more elusive - or more vital - than calm. We have a selection of books and tools that can teach you the elements of serenity.

Resources for Parents and Teachers

No stage in our development is more important than childhood. Our childhood sets the course of our adult lives. That's why we’ve created some free learning packs to support childhood learning and development at home.

Become a Friend

Our Friend scheme is our inner-circle, designed to reward and recognise those who are closest to us. A year-long membership, for yourself or gifted to a loved one, includes many benefits and allows us to explore, and return to, every topic offered by The School of Life.

Develop Your Team

Our Virtual Business Workshops take your team - wherever they may be - through a range of key emotional skills needed to thrive in the world today; including resilience, calm, endurance and strategic foresight. We build and educate winning teams.