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John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff is a writer, performer and coach. His books have been published in 14 languages worldwide. 

The latest, How To Change The World, is a practical manual designed to help readers identify the changes they want to see - and to overcome the obstacles that might otherwise hold them back. It contains ideas from history, philosophy and psychology – and from the many change-makers John-Paul has met during his 15-year career as a writer on The Financial Times and The Sunday Times. 

His other books include two memoirs, and a novel. The late Nobel winner Harold Pinter once said of John-Paul's writing: “Very good. Very funny...In fact it made me laugh”. His next book, created with his wife Harriet Green, is a handbook of creative discovery, The Family Project. 

John-Paul has an unusually wide life experience, having worked as a bin man, an executive PA, a scuba diver, a poet, a taxi driver, a tailor, a gardener, an ice-cream salesman, a hairdresser, an assistant undertaker, a bit-part player in pantomime, a waiter, an illustrator, a high-wire window cleaner, a photographer, a very amateur boxer, a karaoke singer, and a rat catcher. 

He trained in theatrical improvisation with Keith Johnstone, and with the Coaches Training Institute he qualified as an ICF-certified life coach. Through both impro and coaching, he works to bring out people's creativity, spontaneity, authenticity, leadership, and communication skills.