Virtue Doll: Kindness

Little figures to remind you of your better nature.

Most of us need a little gentle encouragement to be good – and nothing helps us to achieve this more than spending time with figures who already display, with unusual clarity, some of the qualities of mind and character we would like to possess.

Each of these Virtue Dolls, inspired by traditional Japanese dolls, embodies an exemplary virtue: Calm, Bravery, Kindness. Place the little figures before you on the desk or shelf, and when you catch sight of them during stray moments of the day, allow their subtle and beguiling power to remind you of your true aspirations.

Developed in collaboration with Momiji. 

Hand painted resin figurine with message | 60 x 80 mm | box and booklet |

We often feel short of Kindness in our lives. We are at times brusque with someone who is vulnerable, distant when another needs our warmth. We jump too quickly to the cynical interpretation; we take a little too much satisfaction in the follies of other people.

We don’t quite realise how our words may wound. And, of course, there are many times when the world and other people are not sensitive and responsive enough to our own needs, hardening our hearts and setting off a vicious circle of humiliation.

Of course, we very rarely deny the importance of kindness in principle. It’s just that, under the pressures of daily life, we forget to actually be kind. When we are lonely, and indifference or too many blunt unflattering assessments come our way, we can find from the doll – via a glance, or even a quick squeeze under the pillow – a small but charged dose of the compassion and acceptance we crave and deserve as a reward for being normally troubled human beings in a complex world.

Other Virtue Dolls in the series: Bravery and Calm.

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