How To Thrive in the Digital Age

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Can we live well with technology?

Our world is, increasingly, a digital one. Over half of the planet’s adult population now spend more of their waking hours ‘plugged in’ than not, whether to the internet, mobile telephony, or other digital media. To email, text, tweet and blog our way through our careers, relationships and even our family lives is now the status quo. But what effect is this need for constant connection really having? For the first time, Tom Chatfield examines what our ‘wired’ life is really doing to our minds, for better and for worse. Offering innovative and practical research, it teaches us how to prosper in a digital century – without losing our humanity.

About the author

Tom Chatfield is a writer, commentator and technology theorist. He has worked with companies including Google, Mind Candy, Preloaded, Six to Start, Teach For All and BBC Worldwide, and spoken at forums including TED Global, the RSA and the World IT Congress. A guest faculty member at the Said Business School, Oxford, faculty member at The School of Life, and associate editor at Prospect magazine, he was also lead writer for the award-winning 2011 game The End. For more, see

About The How To Book Series

We need self-help books like never before, and that is why The School of Life, in conjunction with Pan Macmillan, has launched a series of new guides for everyday living:  six intelligent, rigorous, well-written self-help books, put together by some of the leading minds in the field.  In these, we systematically examine some of the great issues of life – work, sex, money, emotional maturity, digital life and changing the world. 


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