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In the old days most of us looked to religion for direction on how to live. Now we flick through the Sunday papers or surf the net, finding little by way of good counsel.

The School of Life Sermons are strictly secular events which explore the values we should live by today. We ask maverick cultural figures to give us their take on the virtues to cling to or the vices to be wary of in order to better navigate life in our complex modern world.

From kindness and humility, to envy and adultery, they deliver persuasive polemics with peculiar passion. Expect hellfire preaching, an alternative parish newsletter, hymns, sticky buns, conversations with fellow 'parishioners' and the possible appearance of the Devil himself.


Previous speakers have included  Sir Ken Robinson, Miranda July, Lawrence Krauss, Oliver James, Barbara Ehrenreich, Geoff Dyer, David Eagleman and Ruby Wax.


All our sermons take place at Central London locations, please check the specific venue when booking. 

Vouchers will be dispatched within 2 working days.  Details of how to book a sermon will be included with the voucher.

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