A Creative Mind

A Creative Mind

A Creative Mind is a chance to work intensively one-to-one with a highly qualified expert who will guide you through the creative process and help to unlock your unique creative potential. Whether you are struggling with a creative block, or a specific challenge, we will work with you to navigate the stages of impasse and free up the log-jam of ideas.

This two-hour session is suitable for anyone interested in creativity, and each appointment is tailored to an individual’s specific needs. You will be given the opportunity of a follow-up meeting to further integrate any recommendations.


The School of Life’s Coaching Sessions are unique consultations which offer the opportunity for an in-depth discussion with a highly qualified expert. They'll engage you in an enlightening one-to-one conversation designed to help you explore any issue in a useful and illuminating way.

About the Therapist

Michael Atavar is a creative consultant, with 5 years training as a Transpersonal Therapist, who works with individuals and businesses to help solve professional problems, using creativity as a key. The results of this approach might be innovation or new ways of thinking – employing creative tools to effect changes to the individual or the organisation.

His books Everyone Is Creative, 12 Rules Of Creativity, How To Be An Artist and card system 210CARDS focus on the development of personal process: a deep reserve of good ideas that can be accessed by each one of us every day, if we learn to trust our own intuition.


This session will take place at The School of Life headquarters in Central London. 

Booking Details

We require 5 working days notice in order to transfer or refund the booking.

This is a 2 hour session. Please arrive in good time. Any late arrival will be deducted from the length of the session.


I do not consider myself to be an ‘artist’, but through Michael’s intelligent and genuinely personal approach I have hugely increased confidence in my own creative power, in every domain of my life.
- Olly Drasar

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Please note we require 5 working days notice to transfer or refund the booking.