How To Change The World

How To Change The World

It is normal to harbour a wish to lead a meaningful life which has a beneficial impact on those around us. However grand it might sound, wanting to 'change the world' is a proper and mature ambition.

However, by a dispiriting law of inertia, we tend to remain passive, assuming that change cannot take place, or that we are not really the ones to instigate it. This cannot in reality be true; there are simply too many examples of everyday initiative to the contrary.

Much has to do with learning where our own particular passion may lie - and how we might marry it to the needs of the world.

In this class, we examine the psychological, cultural and social resistances we may encounter as we look to make a change. The class aims to provide inspiration, a healthy dose of realism, and the practical tools to make a realistic difference.


Our classes have been designed to give useful insights around the big themes in life. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other curious, open-minded individuals.

These sessions are designed by experts and taught by members of our faculty. They include a mix of lecture and group activity and conversation.  Optional homework is provided for those interested in further study.



Michael Bartura is a mindfulness-based life and leadership coach with a long-time commitment to exploring calm and wellbeing. With previous chapters from farmer to therapist, business person to social entrepreneur, and various other sorts in between, he strives to identify what is common in the boundless multiplicity inherent in the '10,000 things', and therefore sometimes forgets to lock his car. Michael holds a Masters in Management and has been training and working with the Asian leadership Institute for over 10 years. In his last role, as a senior manager for the East West Learning Centre in Singapore he focused on designing an integrated Mind-Body approach to leadership education.


10.30    Welcome & class commences
12.15    Break (times vary)
13.45    Class finishes


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"Inspiring! I walked to my car with ideas for a project and how to formulate and develop it, flooding my head."

 - Participant

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