Summer School: 5 Day Course

Summer School: 5 Day Course

The best of The School of Life condensed into a single, unforgettable week. Summer School dates are available for both July and August.

The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to teaching skills not covered by the regular education system - skills that develop emotional intelligence and encourage psychological well-being.  The Summer School brings together the very best in our curriculum.

We will cover such themes as how to choose our partners more wisely, how to make relationships last, how to identify our professional talents and succeed in the workplace, how to manage anxiety, regret and shame, how to focus on our goals and how to more regularly experience gratitude and serenity.

You’ll embark on a rich and enlightening voyage, discovering how to make lasting, meaningful change across every aspect of your life. By working within a fixed group led by a core tutor over the week, you'll dive deeper than would be possible in any single class. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The School is ideal for those seeking a more meaningful, transformative vacation; for attendees of our classes who now wish to take a structured journey through our expertly curated material; and for those wishing to save time in the long run by working through the dilemmas of work, love, and self in a single, high intensity week.

Blending tuition, exercises and discussion, each day of the Summer School will equip you with tools and strategies to help you find answers for life’s big questions.

Day One: The first day of the Summer School is designed to equip us with the core skills of Emotional Intelligence. We will learn why our minds have a hard time understanding themselves, how to map and understand our anxieties, and how and why we characteristically respond to frustration.

Day Two: The second day of the Summer School takes us on a structured journey around resilience in the face of stress. Agitation is always in essence a mental phenomenon, it is a result of ideas- and a calm mind-set therefore relies on having to hand a raft of calming ideas that can be called upon in moments of panic. The day begins with a Philosophy Breakfast - considering what three of the greatest thinkers of all time have to say about the art of living wisely and well.

Day Three: The third day of the Summer School teaches us how to choose our partners wisely and make our relationships last. One of the gravest errors we make around relationships is to imagine that they aren’t things we can get wiser or better at. On this day we will learn to practise and rehearse our skills at love. In the evening, we will attend a Conversation Dinner in a local restaurant - learning to overturn small talk and master the art of opening up our deepest selves.

Day Four: The fourth day of the Summer School teaches us how to achieve our career potential. We will employ psychological tools to be better able to understand our talents and to move forward using the opportunities that are open to us.

Day Five: The final day of the Summer School explores creative thinking in life and work. Many of the challenges we encounter in modern life require us to develop creative solutions to complex problems. And even when we’re not tackling big problems, continuously improving the way we live using invention and imaginative strategy is deeply important.

Join us for a truly transformational vacation for the mind.

Ticket costs £950 per person (includes all teaching, materials, light refreshments & additional activities.

Summer School is available twice in 2017 - for one week in July and again in August. Please choose your preferred dates from the dropdown menu on the right.

Details for Mon 14th Aug 2017

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09.40   Breakfast on arrival
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13.00    Lunch break
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The School of Life
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“The programme was superb, brilliantly facilitated and all of the teaching was top quality. The Tutor created a environment where I felt safe to share.” - Summer School Participant

"When else do you get a chance to really think about what is important in life with fantastic inspiring teachers who really know and understand what they are talking about ? I would highly recommend the school of life one week intensive course to anyone. You not only meet great minded people, you also get time and space to really think about many different areas of your life from your career to great conversations. As Nike would say 'just do it'.... You will not regret it." - Summer School Participant

Such a fantastic course – I would recommend to anyone and feel so refreshed and invigorated for taking part.  It has equipped me with tools to live my life better.
-  Summer School Participant 

The journey this week was like life; both hard and easy, enjoyable and terrifying.
-  Summer School Participant 

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Monday 14th August 2017

Please note we are unable to offer refunds less than 1 month before the start of the summer school.


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