Roman Krznaric on Carpe Diem

Roman Krznaric on Carpe Diem

We’ve all heard the saying ‘seize the day’; it is one of the oldest pieces of life advice in Western history. But what does it really mean? And how can we use it to jump-start our lives?

In the age of distraction, carpe diem is more essential than ever: it promises a remedy for the awareness we have that life is short and our time is running out; it asks us to live with greater passion, consciousness and intention; it asks us to live a life with no regrets.

But here’s the problem: carpe diem has been hijacked and reduced simply to the idea of living in the here and now - the instant hit of one-click online shopping. In this Sunday Sermon, philosopher and founding faculty member of The School of Life Roman Krznaric explores some of the very different ways humankind has discovered over the centuries to seize the day.

Offering food for thought as well as inspiring takeaways, he will examine not just the contributions of great thinkers throughout history, but also reveal insights from the lives of great seize-the-day practitioners, including nightclub dancers, war photographers, bored housewives and committed revolutionaries.

Join us as Roman Krznaric unpacks the history, philosophy and modern-day applications of ‘seizing the day’ while delivering a rousing call to action for anyone up for the daunting challenge of leading a meaningful life.


Since 2008 The School of Life has presented strictly secular Sunday Sermons exploring the values we should live by today. We ask maverick cultural figures to give us their take on the virtues to cling to or the vices to be wary of in our complex world. Expect persuasive polemics, pop-song hymns and a powerful dose of inspiration for the week ahead.

Details for Sun 9th Apr 2017


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10.20 Doors open 
10.40 Sermon starts
12.00 Book signing
12.30 Sermon Ends


Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road

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Praise for Roman Krznaric’s Carpe Diem Regained:

“Inspiring, bracing, and elegant: a timely corrective to contemporary follies, from mindfulness to workaholism. Carpe librum!”  – Sarah Bakewell, author of At The Existentialist Café and How to Live: A Life of Montaigne

“I read this book with a mixture of wonder and recognition. The sound of the galloping hooves of the horses of oblivion have always stalked me like a rumour of something both awesome and terrible waiting in the wings in case, for a moment, I should be distracted by the temptations of a life lived passively. This has driven me to live and work as I do. In Carpe Diem Regained, Roman Krznaric has written a hugely important book for anyone who seeks to have agency in their life. It is, in short, a profound, playful book for wannabe grown-ups who love life.” – Sir Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project


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