Networking For People Who Don't Like Networking

Networking For People Who Don't Like Networking

Learn to mingle, network & present yourself confidently at this evening class exclusive to Friends of The School of Life.

For even the most out-going and sociable person networking can be a toe-curlingly excrutiating experience. For those who may consider themselves shy or introverted it can be a paralysing experience! But networking is less about giving an elevator pitch to someone you barely know and more about making the best of chance encounters with people you admire. It's less about impressing your cv upon an unsuspecting stranger and more about charming them into conversation. It may feel embarrassing and impossible but avoiding it means opportunities pass by, new friends are left unmade and the possibilities in our personal and professional lives become limited.

So what's the best way to network and make new friends or connections? How can the whole endeavour be less embarrassing and potentially fun and even life changing? Tazeen Ahmad will show you networking doesn’t need to feel ‘fake’ and that often those who seem like great networkers aren’t selling themselves but making genuine connections. The evening will focus on understanding and demystifying networking and examine what it takes to network effectively. 

This special networking event is for those who would like to make the most of social and public occasions for both personal and professional gain. You’ll come away with tips on making networking a pleasurable experience, overcoming shyness & self-consciousness and turning what youve long seen as your weaknesses into strengths. Participants will be welcomed with a drink and a 'conversation menu' listing a choice of questions and provocations to explore together as part of the session. Expect to talk to strangers, learn some valuable lessons and enjoy yourself.


Lovers may come and go, work may carry us half way around the world, but friendship tends to be a point of stability in an otherwise changing world.

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Details for Fri 28th Apr 2017

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Tazeen Ahmad is a long-established reporter, writer and broadcaster in British TV as well as American Television News. In her 20 years of broadcasting she has been a TV reporter and presenter at the BBC, Channel 4 and NBC news. She is also, perhaps surprisingly, an introvert. Her book 'The Check-out Girl' is the story of how she spent 6 months quietly working undercover in a supermarket. She is also a Coach and specialises in working with Introverted leaders.




Fri 28th April


18.40            Welcome buffet & drinks
19.00            Class commences
20.15            Break (times vary)
21.00            Class finishes


The School of Life
70 Marchmont Street

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