Bibliotherapy for Kids

Bibliotherapy for Kids

What should your kids be reading that will set their imaginations alight and help them make sense of their world? Our bibliotherapists will guide you to the best age-appropriate books for your child.

Children are shaped as much by the stories they read (and hear) as by the events of real life around them. Many of us would like our kids to read the books we ourselves loved when we were small.

But whether they're at the picture book stage or reading young adult novels, today's children demand books that relate to their current world too. Our bibliotherapists will help you select the best books for your child - whether it's a story about moving house, bullying or bereavement; or simply a literary wonder that no-one should miss out on at this enchanted time of life.

About Bibliotherapy

Our bibliotherapists specialise in works of fiction but also prescribe select works of philosophy, poetry and other creative non-fiction. They give one to one sessions, and run group sessions. They've appeared extensively in the UK and international press, and have spoken at festivals around the country.

Sessions can take place in-person or remotely via phone or skype. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire in advance of the session. You'll be given an instant prescription to take-away. Your full prescription will follow within a couple of days.

For an insight into the role good writing can play in our lives, watch our short film, What is Literature For? 


Ella Berthoud started reading on a journey from Tehran to London, on the parcel shelf of a Wolsey 1300 when she was five. She spent the next thirteen years reading books in inappropriate places. Ella first started talking about bibliotherapy with Susan Elderkin when they were at Cambridge together. Over the ensuing years they prescribed literature to their friends and family, while Ella worked as an artist and Susan wrote her own novels.

Susan Elderkin is the author of two critically-acclaimed novels, Sunset over Chocolate Mountains and The Voices. One of Granta’s 20 Best Young British Novelists in 2003, she has taught creative writing at all levels, from Arvon courses to the creative writing MAs at Birkbeck and Goldsmith’s. She also works as a critic and journalist.

Simona Lyons joined the team in 2010. She has spent as long as she can remember with her head in a book and spent over a decade running an independent bookshop in North London before becoming a bibliotherapist. She loves nothing more than matching the right book to the right person and spreading her love of the written word.

Booking and Venue

Sessions can take place in-person or remotely via phone or skype. Our bibliotherapists will contact you within 2/3 days to arrange a convenient time to meet. 

The School of Life
70 Marchmont Street

Please specify in-person or remote when booking.

Please note we need two working days to transfer or refund a booking.


The idea that really marks out The School of Life from other book enterprises is their recommendation service, Bibliotherapy - a specialist will help you choose books perfectly suited to you; a sort of literary personal trainer, it's the perfect way to pick your way through the minefield of what to read next.

 - The Guardian

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Please note we need two working days to transfer or refund a booking.

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