Introverted Leaders

Introverted Leaders

In this one-day workshop, reporter and broadcaster Tazeen Ahmad will teach you to employ introversion to manage and motivate your team.

Is your leadership style mistaken for aloofness, arrogance or a lack of intelligence? Are you frustrated with how your need for quiet reflection clashes with the demands of constantly being in the spotlight? Are you struggling to sync your inner world with the demands of a frenetic outer world?

You're not alone - research shows that anywhere between 30-60% of all leaders are introverts, yet our working environments favour the extrovert. Contrary to popular opinion, Introverts are natural born leaders but our Type-A business culture often makes it impossible to thrive. It's left many of these leaders worrying about their introversion holding them back and struggling with the pressures they are under.

This full day workshop will bring together leaders who have to manage, motivate, connect and perform but are left drained by business & work socialising, drowned out at meetings and dreading requests for interviews and presentations.

In this workshop you will meet, mingle and work with like-minded others in management roles and get the opportunity to share experiences, including the highs and lows of being a quiet leader.

Over the course of the day, Tazeen Ahmad, a Bafta-nominated, award-winning TV reporter and fellow introvert, who knows a thing or two about performing on demand in high-pressured and stressful environments will coach participants using tools, tests, lecture, seminar and interactive one-to-one & group exercises.

There will be activities involving networking, managing meetings and handling presentations and public speaking, amongst many others. There will also be opportunities to share individual leadership challenges and dilemmas and do some guided coaching work. The class will channel the strengths of the introvert to perform better, teach self-perception, tackle shyness and sensitivity, learn what kinds of teams are most suited to the introvert leader, build confidence, reduce discomfort & inhibition and tune into the innate leadership skills of introverts.

After this workshop, participants should feel able to connect, manage, lead and perform with more confidence. They will learn to capitalise on their strengths, understand and reframe weaknesses better, and take away for themselves the true value of their calm, analytical and reflective nature. 


Our workshops provide an opportunity to work with leading members of our faculty over the course of a highly structured session.

Sessions are limited to 18 participants and will be based at The School of Life. Food and drink, including lunch, is included in the ticket price.


The School of Life
70 Marchmont Street

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Praise for Introversion a Superpower

"it was like a lightbulb moment for me in finally understanding myself. One of the best talks I have been to"
- participant

"I have really felt amazing after your talk. I think it is an ENORMOUS relief that I feel... After all these years, you gave me permission by making me understand introversion is not a weakness, it can be powerful"

- participant

'it was incredibly empowering'
- participant

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