How to Manage the Fear of Failure

How to Manage the Fear of Failure

The modern world demands one thing above all else: that we succeed. The stories we tell ourselves are around striving, overcoming huge odds and eventually winning, normally in some important sector of the economy. Society has a particularly harsh word reserved for those who don’t make it. They are – society says - ‘losers’. 

How to Manage the Fear of Failure investigates what it means to live in such pressured environments. It looks at:

  • • How our fears undermine our potential.

  • • How fear can be replaced with resilience.

  • • The role of parenting in shaping our ideas of success and failure.

  • • The psychology of ‘snobbery’.

  • • The doubled-edged nature of the concept of ‘meritocracy’.

  • • The Ancient Greek idea of tragedy.

  • • And the media’s influence on our understanding of failure and success.

    Most importantly, How to Manage the Fear of Failure seeks to equip us with the tools to succeed on our own terms, which may be a little different from those of society. It knows that our ultimate responsibility is to our potential and to our capacity for fulfilment and happiness. It locates the obstacles to success in a surprisingly handy and accessible place: our own minds.

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