How To Have Taboo Conversations

How To Have Taboo Conversations

Join us on the evening of Friday 31st March for an evening of psychological insight and daring conversation.

We’re all guilty of prevaricating before we tackle a tough subject, even though we know it would be better to speak up sooner rather than later. And if we do finally broach the subject, we know how tempting it is to obfuscate, to invite the other person to “read between the lines” rather than be direct, or to allow unspoken emotion to boil over into hostile body language.

This class constitutes an intelligent guide to how to move on from idle banter to emotionally and intellectually ambitious dialogues. We’ll investigate the psychology and philosophy of conversation - what works and what often doesn't - as well as the assumptions we make about other people that stifle mutual understanding and curiosity.

The class is open to individuals and couples.


Lovers may come and go, work may carry us half way around the world, but friendship tends to be a point of stability in an otherwise changing world.

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Details for Fri 31st Mar 2017

Course Leader

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David Waters is a journalist and a counsellor who works with couples and individuals in private practice in central London. He is an accredited member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). David regularly writes on men’s fashion and lifestyle for UK and international newspapers and magazine including the Telegraph, the New York Observer and Departures. He has been a faculty member at The School of Life since 2010.




Fri 31st March


19.00            Welcome buffet & drinks
19.20            Class commences
20.15            Break (times vary)
21.30            Class finishes


The School of Life
70 Marchmont Street

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