How to Fill The God-Shaped Hole

How to Fill The God-Shaped Hole

We live during a period of human history in which, perhaps for the first time, no single religion or philosophy dominates. It’s a plural world - and increasingly, in the OECD countries, also a secular one.

We now have great freedom around religious practice, but while many of us feel little or no inclination to follow a particular religion, we are nonetheless conscious of what might be called ‘the God-shaped hole’.

We are aware of gaps in our lives and societies that have been created by the absence of religions - without having any particular wish to return to religion in its traditional form.

In this class, we consider our predicament, how thinkers have tried to fill the gap, and what lessons we might take from the faiths in order to live richer, more aware secular lives. We learn that not believing does not mean having no relationship with the fascinating and worthwhile aspects of religion.


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