Career MOT

Career MOT

Is your job too small for your spirits? Are you looking to take your working life in new directions, but unsure where to start? Or do you simply need the time and space to consider your next move?

Our Career MOT is a chance to work intensively one-to-one with a highly qualified career consultant and to take a step back in order to reassess your working life. 

Your starting point will be clarifying who you are, what you want and what you have to offer. From this point, Gwendolyn can help you define your career priorities and think through practical next steps, whether it’s a change of job, a longer-term plan or a change of approach.

This 120-min one-to-one session is suitable for people at any stage of their career, and each session is tailored to individual’s specific needs. You’ll be asked to bring an up-to-date CV with you to the session. 

About MOTs

The School of Life’s MOTs are unique consultations which offer the opportunity for an in-depth discussion with a highly qualified expert. They'll engage you in an enlightening one-to-one conversation designed to help you explore any issue in a useful and illuminating way.


Gwendolyn Parkin is one of The School of Life’s team of psychotherapists and is Director of Integral, a consulting firm which helps clients create careers and lives based on whatever is most integral to them (values, traits, skills and experiences). Gwendolyn’s approach combines in-depth psychology and commercial expertise, and for over 20 years clients have found it effective with a wide range of career issues.

Gwendolyn is also a VP and Officer of the Harvard Business School Club of London with responsibility for Career and Leadership Development, as well as a London-based Career Club Liaison for HBS Boston. Prior to this, Gwendolyn worked at the Boston Consulting Group, and a start-up airline, People Express, which revolutionised its industry, as a European Regional Manager. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an MA in Psychotherapy from City University and is UKCP (United Kingdom for Psychotherapy and Counselling) qualified.


This session will take place at The School of Life or an alternative off-site location in Central London.

Booking Details

This is a very popular consulting service but we will endeavour to book an appointment date as soon as possible. We are currently booking appointments for April 2017 onwards.

Please note we require 2 working days' notice in order to transfer or refund the booking.


If you have any questions about this service or would like to speak to a coach before booking, email us and we can put you in touch.


I cannot thank you enough for the great session yesterday!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. It was so valuable to speak with you and help sort my thoughts.
I feel so energised and up for grabbing the bull by its horns! I can't wait to continue my self-analysis and investigate further with the help of your binder.  Thanks so much for everything.
- MOT participant

Thank you very much for your time on Friday.Thanks again for everything. It was great meeting you, somehow I believe this meeting was the start of something important for me.
- MOT participant

It’s the ultimate no-strings-attached solution for our disillusioned, time-starved society.
- You Magazine, UK

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Please note we require 2 working days' to transfer or refund a booking.

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