Be Yourself in Any Language

Be Yourself in Any Language

We can all imagine what it's like to speak naturally. We did it as children, we sometimes do it with people we know well, and we see other people doing it on TV. But in practice, much of the time, many of us feel that we can't be truly "ourselves".

The greatest difficulty can come when we speak foreign languages -- a context that worsens the things that might also feel bad in our own language. Speaking foreign languages -- for work, or on holiday -- we worry about getting things "wrong", go blank, and tend to adopt a cautious, low status persona that doesn't feel comfortable for us or for other people.

This class is designed to help you speak happily and freely in ANY language (including your own), and find ways to express what needs to be expressed even when you don't have the right vocabulary -- because there's always a way to improvise.

As well as talking, this class uses theatre games, often in foreign languages, to see more clearly what we may be doing in everyday life (and because the games provide a welcome dose of laughter). You don't need to be good at languages, or acting - in fact, the less expert you are, the better.

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Leading writers, economists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, artists and other thinkers offer provocation, inspiration and consolation in the form of advice for living better. Speakers for this strand have been invited by The School of Life to present their own material. Session formats will vary depending on the subject.


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It was absolutely the best class I have experienced at School of Life! The amount of theory and practice was just perfect. The exercises inspired the whole group and the insights which John-Paul gave about some deeper issues where just outstanding. I could never expect (and believe) that a class could touch so many core life subjects in such a magical way. I am very happy that I could experience it. 

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