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‘We believe that delivering new creative products and services that help to make customers more genuinely fulfilled is critical to long term corporate success 
This is no easy task.   But the white space for innovation is clear.*
At The School of Life, we are experts in well-being. 
We study this through the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, sociology, political science, literature and art.
We work with companies to develop creative innovations that will increase customer well-being and deepen engagement and loyalty. 
From pop-up schools to digital apps, books, conferences and far reaching brand partnerships, our interventions are designed to get your customers talking and thinking in new ways that will help them become more genuinely fulfilled.  
Whatever sector you’re in, if you’ve got an idea for a project or partnership or need some creative inspiration, do get in touch (clicking here links to an email to me)
See how we have worked with companies before to do this. (links to Case Studies and Clients page)
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*70% of people in the UK believe that brands should play a role in improving quality of life and wellbeing but just 24% agree that companies and brands are working hard at improving this. (Havas Media Survey 2013)


Who are we?

We are an agency that helps brands to engage customers at a deeper emotional level.

Why would brands need our help?

Brands are adept at raising high hopes and expectations in the minds of consumers. But consumers today are getting increasingly cynical, sceptical and frustrated with brands who simply hold up the desired psychological destination signs (Freedom / Happiness / Calm / Good Relationships) without offering practical support in how to get to those places. 

In other words, consumers are increasingly looking for brands to be more ‘meaningful’ – to genuinely help them to lead more fulfilled lives.  

We know that consumers are commercially rewarding those brands that they consider to be meaningful*. We believe that many brands would do well to exploit the fact that there is a large but often underdeveloped dimension to their offering that they could capitalise on.  

This is where we can help.

How do we work?

We make a variety of interventions in the way the customer experiences a brand - in order that they better understand and love the offering.  

We do this by adding a psychologically rich layer of content (manuals/products/films/books) to a brand’s services or products. We create this psychological layer by taking inspiration from the best thinking from over 2,000 years of human culture (philosophy, psychology, science and art).

Click here to see examples of our brand development work

Whatever sector you’re in, if you’ve got an idea for a project or partnership, or need some creative inspiration, do give us a call.

*  See research from Havas Media



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