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    Communicate Better at Work

    By learning to handle workplace tensions, we can drop the script and start to be authentic with colleagues.
  • Class  

    How To Manage Stress

    In this class you'll learn to shun false cures for stress, become accurate in pinpointing the causes of your anxiety and tame...
  • Class  

    How To Make Love Last

    A session to carry you beyond the dizzying heights of passion and explore what happens when the honeymoon ends. 

Highlights From Our Shop

  • Small Pleasures Card Set

    Small Pleasures Card Set
    This pack of cards draws us back to an appreciation of the overlooked ordinary, gently prompting us to remember that life is more precious and richer than we generally allow. £12
  • Gift of Self-Reflection £50 Bundle – Special Offer

    Gift of Self-Reflection £50 Bundle – Special Offer
    A specially curated bundle of products from our Self-Reflection Collection, ideal as a gift for those undertaking exploration into who they are and what implications that has on each area of their life. £50
  • The Confessions Game

    The Confessions Game
    The best encounters with friends are those where we can talk honestly about what's going on in our lives, sharing triumphs, joys, fears and longings - without the usual shyness or reserve. £20