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The School of Life comes to Brazil

We’re delighted to announce the continuation of our international programme, as this April we travel to São Paulo for the launch of TSOL Brazil, in the form of a week-long intensive taking place in the cultural heart of the city. Running from the 5 –...
Posted by The School of Life
Jaron Lanier on Who Owns the Future

Who Owns The Future?

We’re used to treating information as ‘free’,* but the price we pay for the illusion of ‘free’ is only workable so long as most of the overall economy isn’t about information. Today, we can still think of information as the intangible enabler of communications,...
Posted by Jaron Lanier

Damon Young on Conversation

We are, as Aristotle noted, defined by words. Speech is a uniquely human gift. Yet it is surprisingly hard to talk, even with our intimates. Take Mr. and Mrs. Hendy, from Monty Python’s wicked Meaning of Life. We find the retired American couple at...
Posted by Damon Young

Living with a Creative Mind

Why is creativity often linked to “madness” and why do creative people cause so much frustration to everyone around them? Why do they keep going to extremes? Why can’t they just be like normal people? Highly creative people have unique vulnerabilities and sensitivities - ways...
Posted by Jeff and Julie Crabtree
Francois Broussais on his deathbed by Charles Blanc

Deathbed tweet sent to memory cloud

Consider the following situation: a patient in a hospital ward posts ‘Dead’ in her/his online microblog status update. She/he is in the final stages of a terminal illness. She/he, or a relative/friend, posted this message using a smart phone device from her/his hospital bed....
Posted by Dr Mark Taubert
Optimist Principle 6

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.7

The legendary computer engineer Howard H. Aitken once advised, “Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” Successful optimists understand that the beginning of many endeavours involves being told you’re mad, bad...
Posted by Mark Stevenson
How To Be Alone Blog

The pleasures and pains of solitariness

Increasingly we’re living and working by ourselves. How should we prepare for the pleasures and pains of our greater solitariness? The lone figures in the paintings by the 19th Century Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi seem uncertain. Does the solitary man or woman yearn for...
Posted by David Waters
Virtues Project Blog

Ten Virtues for the Modern Age

The Virtues Project comes as a response to the wave of discussion and feedback that followed the publication of my book, Religion for Atheists, and a growing sense that being virtuous has become a strange and depressing notion, while wickedness and evil bask in a...
Posted by Alain de Botton

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