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Romantic Myth

Romantic Love: Busting the Myth

I suspect that something has become skewed in the way we think about love. You feel it keenly on Valentine's Day. It is not the sentimentality, though it can be sugar-sweet. It is not the commercialization, though it is annoying when roses double in...
Posted by Mark Vernon

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.6

I am often asked to denounce religion. At about a third of the public talks I give, someone will suggest that the root cause of most of our problems is irrational religious belief – and will invite me to agree with them. My...
Posted by Mark Stevenson
Havi Carel on the Philosophy of Illness

How philosophy can help us think about illness and death

When meeting new people I often get asked what I do. ‘Philosophy?’, people sometimes say in response, ‘it sounds very interesting but what do you do with it?’. In some circles, philosophy is seen as impractical, abstract, even useless. I think that the opposite is...
Posted by Havi Carel
TSOL Melbourne Blog

Announcing the launch of The School of Life Australia

Since The School of Life launched in London back in 2008, we’ve had strong support from Australia, and we continue to be amazed by the number of Australians who engage with our community online and visit us when in the UK on their travels.    For...
Posted by Morgwn Rimel
Shining a light on depression

Shining a Light on the Causes of Depression

According to a well-publicised but distinctly pseudo-scientific equation the third Monday of January is “the most depressing day of the year”. Certainly January is not the cheeriest month, but compared to a mild dose of the post-Christmas blues depression is complex, extremely common and all...
Posted by Dr Ben Martynoga
Office Politics

Office Politics

The expression ‘office politics’ has got a bad name. We think of them as something undesirable, unwholesome, toxic. In my book they are far from bad, just an inevitable part of professional life. They must be embraced with as much humour, self-conscious deliberation and...
Posted by Oliver James
Mark Stevenson Optimism 5

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.5

I once had the lucky opportunity to observe two rival firms trying to do the same thing; namely working out how to integrate a particular enhancement made possible by new technology into their (competing) products. Both companies set up engineering teams. Both failed. Company A...
Posted by Mark Stevenson
Illness Havi Carel2

Jules Evans on Havi Carel

Havi Carel had everything going for her. At 35, she had recently met the love of her life, she’d just brought out her first book, and she was about to start her dream job, teaching philosophy at the University of West England, in Bristol...
Posted by Jules Evans
Scanners Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner's Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) is an experimental musician and artist of international renown whose collaborators include Laurie Anderson and Steve McQueen. Here he gives an illustrated listening and watching guide to enhancing the pleasure we get from the sound that surrounds us.  The joy of sound...
Posted by Robin Rimbaud
Mark Stevenson Series

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.4

Many people are convinced they are someone else. In fact all of us at some point or another have told ourselves that we’re not really the miserable, grumpy, cynical, obstructive or unreasonable person we appear to be it’s just that, right now, there are...
Posted by Mark Stevenson

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