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Optimism Principle 2 Blog2

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.2

The philosopher Daniel Dennett says that one of the occupational hazards of being a philosopher is that you get asked difficult questions at parties. Being solicited over drinks for free consultancy is, of course, commonplace. If you’re a doctor you’ll be asked to pass...
Posted by Mark Stevenson
John OConnell Blog

John O'Connell on resurrecting the pleasure of the well-written letter.

It’s a sad truth that few of us, nowadays, write letters. Indeed, it’s tempting to think of handwritten letters as having been superseded by email in the same way that vinyl records were supplanted by CDs. The problem with this tidy progress narrative is...
Posted by John O' Connell
How to be a successful optimist Principle No

How to be a Successful Optimist: Principle No.1

All successful optimists, unsurprisingly, have an unashamed optimism of ambition about our future. To clarify, this is not simple wishful thinking that things will work out alright in the end, it’s optimism specifically tied to a goal – and a conviction that that goal...
Posted by Mark Stevenson

Dear Bibliotherapist...

Dear Bibliotherapist, With the drizzle of November and the dark evenings descending so early, I am feeling a strong need to either fly to Tobago or make some serious changes in my life. What they should be, I’m not sure. Join the next Iron...
Posted by Ella Berthoud
Comfort Zone4

Oliver Burkeman on The Comfort Zone Conundrum

A good friend – a no-nonsense university scientist who’s convinced that every self-help book, workshop or website in existence is weak-minded poppycock – recently took up skydiving. But perhaps we don’t know each other as well as I thought, because he apparently believed I...
Posted by Oliver Burkeman

Mark Stevenson on How to Be a Successful Optimist

It’s easy to accept the standard story of the future: that it’s all going to be rubbish, that vested interests will always win out and the best you can do is get your head down, try and beat the prevailing trend and do...
Posted by Mark Stevenson

The School of Life in Australia

The School of Life will launch in Collingwood, Melbourne on Friday 25 January 2013 and, in doing so, will become the first international School to open its doors. Dedicated to distilling the best ideas from the ages to enrich everyday life, The School of...
Posted by The School of Life

A Soundtrack to Enhance Your Day by Russell Jones of Condiment Junkie

Since the birth of the industrial age, a roaring crescendo of motors, traffic, aeroplanes and air conditioning has been rising around us. As the din of modern life has grown, we’ve pushed it more and more out of our conscious awareness. But, even though...
Posted by Russell Jones

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