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Judy Reith What Kind of Parent Are You

What Kind of Parent Do You Want To Be?

In 2040 will your kids be thanking you, or be in therapy?  I believe being a parent is the most important job in the world. Parents of all types, politicians, kids, and people without kids all over the world agree with this. The interesting...
Posted by Judy Reith

Why Vulnerability Takes Courage

Brené Brown has spent the past decade transforming how we think about vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame. Her internationally acclaimed books include The Gifts of Imperfection (2010), I Thought It Was Just Me (2007), and Connections (2009), a shame-resilience curriculum being facilitated by helping professionals...
Posted by Brene Brown

A Holiday with Martin Parr

Ever since I went on the School of Life’s Holiday with Martin Parr in Folkestone, I’ve been seeing the world lit up with the bright pop of a flash gun. Martin Parr, photographer of Britishness, collector of dictator-abilia, boring postcards and much else besides,...
Posted by Jane Housham
Will Alsop PaintingDetail

The Glorious Potential of Boredom

In advance of Sunday's sermon by visionary architect Will Alsop, we grabbed five minutes to ask him a few questions about his underlying thoughts on the subject of boredom. You’ve remarked that if a company keeps its employees working as a rule, that’s bad...
Posted by The School of Life
Dear Bibliotherapistbase

Dear Bibliotherapist

Dear Bibliotherapist, With a mixture of dismay and delight, I feel the summer holidays coming to an end. Thrilled though I will be to pack my kids off back to school, I will miss them being around, and I have to face the real...
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Nature Deficit

A Well Connected Life

The journalist and writer Richard Louv has coined and popularized an extremely catchy way of diagnosing something that is going wrong with our technology-rich, time-poor and ever more urban lives.  Starting with ‘Last Child in the Woods’ in 2005, and followed by ‘The Nature...
Posted by Hugo Whately

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