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Mark Earls In Praise of Copying

There are few things we value today quite as much as originality: we treasure original voices, unique visions and unmistakable authenticity in the art and culture we consume; we seek people and products and companies and places which are like no other (that little...
Posted by Mark Earls
Martin Parr England West Bay 1996blog 02

Just let me be beside the seaside..... .A Holiday with Martin Parr

My philosophy is use photography as a therapy, and a passion. It also justifies being a very nosey person, such as I am. - Martin Parr We'll be packing our camera bags for a weekend away at the end of August with renowned Magnum photographer Martin Parr in...
Posted by The School of Life
Adam Smith Twenty Pounds

High Achiever or Wide Achiever?

  Is being a specialist the best way to use our talents? The world certainly needs heart surgeons, and we can gain personal satisfaction and social status from exercising our expertise. Yet the cost of being a specialist or a high achiever, is that we...
Posted by Roman Krznaric
Olympic Bibliotherapist

Dear Bibliotherapist

  Dear Bibliotherapist, I am really excited about the Olympic Games in London, but can’t get a single ticket! I am inclined to either hang around the events on the outside just to soak up the atmosphere, or to take off somewhere far away and...
Posted by Ella Berthoud
Peter Lovatt Blog

Dr Peter Lovatt on Good Moves

If you missed Dr Peter Lovatt’s  energetic Sunday Sermon back in June,  then catch up with the newly released video online.  Be ready for some good moves. Peter Lovatt has the rare perspective of being a professional dancer and psychologist. He has proved through lab...
Posted by Peter Lovatt

Mark Earls takes a trip to the zoo

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… For much of my life, a trip to the Zoo has been a pleasant diversion, a reassuringly familiar tramp, around the caged curiosities with ice creams, small children and that lingering perfume of the banana at the bottom...
Posted by Mark Earls

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