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Cathy Haynes on Acts of Kindness

When our social status, achievements and possessions are put aside, what else reveals itself about who we are? Artist Michael Landy has been asking this question since his work Break Down (2001), for which he systematically destroyed everything he owned. The state of being...
Posted by Cathy Haynes

Roman Krznaric on The Empathic Brain

Why do we shudder when we watch a tarantula crawling across James Bond's chest in a 007 movie? And what can looking into a monkey's brain tell us about our capacity to share in the emotional experiences of other people? Answers to these questions...
Posted by Roman Krznaric

Tom Chatfield on the Digital Looking Glass

The 1980s were the early years of personal computing: a decade during which interaction with a programmable machine shifted from the province of academic specialists to something within the reach of almost anyone. As the MIT professor of social science and technology Sherry Turkle explains...
Posted by Tom Chatfield

Lucy Beresford on The Role of Hope

Hope keeps us going. It's energizing and motivating. When we want something to happen, we say 'I hope so.' We often fear the worst but, through everything, we like to imagine that we hope for the best. Freud talks about the survival instinct, something...
Posted by Lucy Beresford

Simon May on the Religion of Love

Is genuine love really unconditional unlike all other emotions?  Or necessarily enduring?  Or a disinterested concern for the flourishing of our loved ones? Many, perhaps most, seem to think so. The recent Royal wedding in Britain showcased such expectations of love and their almost unquestioned...
Posted by Simon May

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