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John Paul Flintoff on Finding Your Route to Fulfilment

There's a poster up in tube stations at the moment which shows a pair of legs poking out of a tent in a field. The way I get rich, goes the strapline, is by adding DOING NOTHING to my to-do list. It's an...
Posted by John Paul Flintoff

Cathy Haynes on the Desire for Uncertainty

It has always seemed obvious to me that the state of being human implies a craving for certainty and a discomfort with doubt. But here is a tale of one of history's greatest certainty-seekers that makes me wonder if that's wholly true. One of the...
Posted by Cathy Haynes

In Praise of Bohemia by Robert Wringham

Our lives are busy and stressful and we have developed all manner of coping techniques: time management, yoga, annual holidays, productivity techniques. These all undoubtedly have merit, but instead of trying to boost efficiency or enjoy temporary retreat from the nightmare, why don't we learn...
Posted by Robert Wringham

Henry Hemming on A Good Day for Connecting

On Tuesday we'll be talking about everything to do with small groups why there are so many of them, why this matters, and the secrets of what keeps a group going. During my research I'd often meet people who had joined groups, clubs or...
Posted by Henry Hemming

Roman Krznaric on Empathy with the Enemy

In the spring of 472 BC the people of Athens queued up to see the latest play written by Aeschylus, the founder of Greek tragedy. The Persians was an unusual production, and not only because it was based on an historical event rather than...
Posted by Roman Krznaric

Neil Ansell on Getting Away From It All

It is over a hundred and fifty years since Henry Thoreau first built his log cabin by Walden Pond, moved out of town, and began his life in the woods. It was not really a wilderness experience, certainly not by American standards his cabin...
Posted by Neil Ansell

Dr Dan Siegel on Recommended Daily Activities for a Healthy Mind

In this post Dr. Dan Siegel (Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute) presents us with seven daily  mental activities to optimize our brain matter and create well-being.  These seven components form the basis of the 'Healthy Mind Platter' - a recommended recipe for what's needed in our daily lives to ensure...
Posted by Dan Siegel

Carl Jung and the Search For Meaning

Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Carl Gustav Jung. The Swiss psychologist developed many ideas that have entered common parlance, from the personality types of the introvert and extravert, to notions of the archetypal and New Age. However, perhaps there is...
Posted by Mark Vernon

We All Need Words' thesis on academic writing

Step into the dusty corridors of academia and funny things start happening. Straightforward words become clever-clever ones. Ideas becomes frameworks. Words spawn 'isms' and 'isations' and turn into new labels like 'spawnismisation'. Sentences are longer and more convoluted than the Dewey system. Colons and semicolons...
Posted by We All Need Words

Loretta Breuning on Why The Brain Needs Downs to Have Ups

Happy neurochemicals can't work if they're on all the time. Four neurochemicals cause happiness: endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Each evolved to do a different job. When you know what the job is, you know why your happy chemicals can't be on all the...
Posted by Loretta Breuning

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