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How Reading Books Might Help You To Read Minds

Your ability to interpret a flash of smiling teeth, a fleeting grimace, or a gape of incredulity and to understand that your companion might be feeling something different to you is fundamental to your ability to maintain meaningful relationships. New research seems to support...
Posted by Ben Martynoga

How To Be Alone

There is a problem, a serious cultural problem, about solitude. Being alone in our present society raises an important question about identity and well-being. In the first place, and rather urgently, the question needs to be asked. And then – possibly, tentatively, over a...
Posted by Sara Maitland

Five Ways to Grow Your Empathy

Empathy – the imaginative act of stepping into the shoes of another person and looking at the world from their perspective – is a more popular concept today than at any point in human history. It’s on the lips of everyone from the Dalai...
Posted by Roman Krznaric

Are you Emotionally Healthy?

Emotional health is the sense that what is happening, is happening now. It is experiencing the world as first-hand, immediate, rather than only knowing what was experienced when you reflect upon it later. You are, as the sports commentators put it, ‘in the zone’. You...
Posted by Oliver James
Women Sex Life

Making the Most of Your Sex Life: Women

Sex... sex... sex... The world seems full of it nowadays. Every tabloid features tales of celebrity orgies. Every television programme includes seduction, infidelity and erotica - and that's just the documentaries. Walk along the High Street and you're bound to pass a sex shop....
Posted by Susan Quilliam
Men Sex Life02

Making the Most of Your Sex Life: Men

When it comes to partnership, the vast majority of the men I've met - whether professionally as coaching clients and seminar participants or personally as friends and colleagues - are deeply wellmeaning. In particular when the conversation turns, as it often does, to my...
Posted by Susan Quilliam
Book cover 690 x 358

Radical Empathy

You can mark your progress breath by breath.  Literally. And it's there that I recommend you begin. Every time you think I hate that f****** b****, I want you to neutralize that thought with a breath. Calm your mind. Breathe in deeply with intention,...
Posted by Cheryl Strayed
Yellow Frisbee

Our Social Brains

A US-based psychologist, Kip Williams, was strolling through a park when a mis-thrown Frisbee caught him on the back of his head. Unhurt, he picked it up and threw it back to one of the players. They threw it back to him. Briefly...
Posted by Dr Ben Martynoga
GOOD Neighbourday banner

Breaking the Ice: Neighbour Day 27 April 2013

Our definition of community is changing. It’s crazy how few of us know our neighbours: their names, their phone numbers, what they’re about. The explosion of online "social" networking has only made it easier to avoid face-to-face contact in the real world. What might...
Posted by GOOD

Damon Young on Conversation

We are, as Aristotle noted, defined by words. Speech is a uniquely human gift. Yet it is surprisingly hard to talk, even with our intimates. Take Mr. and Mrs. Hendy, from Monty Python’s wicked Meaning of Life. We find the retired American couple at...
Posted by Damon Young
Romantic Myth

Romantic Love: Busting the Myth

I suspect that something has become skewed in the way we think about love. You feel it keenly on Valentine's Day. It is not the sentimentality, though it can be sugar-sweet. It is not the commercialization, though it is annoying when roses double in...
Posted by Mark Vernon

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