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Why you need to go and see a therapist

In almost all countries and communities around the world, there is one central (usually unvoiced) suspicion that arises whenever someone lets slip that they are ‘having therapy’: they are crazy. Getting therapeutic help should – ideally – be an ordinary and wholly unsurprising thing, like...
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Wisdom - a short guide

It’s one of the grandest and oddest words out there, so lofty, it doesn’t sound like something one could ever consciously strive to be - unlike say, being cultured, or kind. Others could perhaps compliment you on being it, but it wouldn’t be something...
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Where to go on holiday – and why?

Going travelling is one of the most exciting pastimes of all. It’s up there with love in terms of the happiness it can bring – though, unlike love, it is generally assumed to be a straightforward process entailing no big theoretical or philosophical issues....
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Why you get so angry – even though you are nice

It is, of course, a form of madness. You pick up the largest jam jar and fling it to the floor. You go up to the attendant at the counter and deliver a stream of obscenities. You accelerate and overtake on a narrow...
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Clouds, trees, streams

No one, probably, has ever much doubted that these things are nice. Clouds, trees and streams represent nature in its most gentle, tranquil guise. Their appeal is instinctive. But we take them for granted. They form a pleasant background to other things: out of...
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Why you should visit The School of Life in Paris

For a start, because - as we all know - Parisians are notoriously suspicious of tourists. How many of us have been to Paris and stared at French life through a thick window pane, deeply curious as to its processes and rituals and...
Posted by Alain de Botton
david baker

A Summer School Rebellion

There’s something very special about the five-day intensive Summer School, something that makes it much more than a week of some very good The School of Life classes. And, when I teach it, both here in the UK and, as we have been doing...
Posted by David Baker

Philosophical Meditation, a guide

Our minds are filled with out-of-focus feelings and ideas: we dimly experience a host of regrets, envious feelings, hurts, anxieties and excitements. And for the most part we never stop to analyse or make sense of them. It seems too painful and difficult, because...
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yoga for mind

Mind-body approaches to reducing stress

“A man thinks as well through his legs and arms as his brain. We exaggerate the importance of the headquarters”—HD Thoreau We are the thinking species. Our prefrontal cortex– the part of the brain that enables us to make decisions, rationalise, plan, express ourselves, think...
Posted by Veena Ugargol

Wondering About Wonder

Early in the morning one day in spring I had one of those small but extraordinary experiences that is hard to forget. I came downstairs with my young daughter to find a brilliant pool of light on our kitchen ceiling. At first we just couldn't...
Posted by Caspar Henderson

The Philosophers' Guide to Calm, Part 3

Nowadays, almost all of us wish we could be calmer. It's one of the distinctive longings of the modern age. Across history, people have tended to seek out adventure and excitement. But most of us have had a bit too much of that now....
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