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Wondering About Wonder

Early in the morning one day in spring I had one of those small but extraordinary experiences that is hard to forget. I came downstairs with my young daughter to find a brilliant pool of light on our kitchen ceiling. At first we just couldn't...
Posted by Caspar Henderson

How to Connect with Nature

‘The obvious is usually profoundly significant.’ (Edward O. Wilson) What does it mean to feel a connection with nature? It means gaining an insight into the most important network there ever has been and ever will be. It means becoming aware of our relationship with...
Posted by Tristan Gooley
Tennis Ball

How to Think More About Exercise

Meet Chad. Chad is a personal trainer, from the Coen brothers’ film Burn After Reading. He is a fictional character, but we recognize him immediately: muscular, handsome, full of energy and positive thinking – and as dumb as a sack of small stones. In fact,...
Posted by Damon Young
Simply Seeing 690 x 358

Simply seeing

We are fooled by a scientific education if we believe that the accumulation knowledge brings us ever closer to the world around us. It is not knowledge that counts, when we are talking about direct and immediate human experience, it is method. “There is a...
Posted by Dr Hugo Whately
Perceptions Experiments 691x2

Quick Guide to Sensory Experiments at Home

Picture yourself enjoying a meal outside an auberge in the Provençal countryside. The fields of lavender roll off into the distance. French voices murmur around you. You’re served a beautiful chilled Rosé in a rustic earthenware carafe. You ask what it is. The owner...
Posted by Russell Jones
Blue New Year Moon

A Moonlit New Year

The end of the year is the traditional season to take stock of your life: what better way than to do so by moonlight, connected to a much older cycle of time than the one we usually live by. I did this in...
Posted by James Attlee
James Attlee Moonlight

The Power of Moonlight

For those of us who live in an urban setting, moonlight, starlight and darkness itself are increasingly rare commodities. What do we lose by living in a man-built environment of perpetual day? This excerpt reveals the powerful psychological effect the night sky can have...
Posted by James Attlee
Nature Deficit

A Well Connected Life

The journalist and writer Richard Louv has coined and popularized an extremely catchy way of diagnosing something that is going wrong with our technology-rich, time-poor and ever more urban lives.  Starting with ‘Last Child in the Woods’ in 2005, and followed by ‘The Nature...
Posted by Hugo Whately

Mark Earls takes a trip to the zoo

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… For much of my life, a trip to the Zoo has been a pleasant diversion, a reassuringly familiar tramp, around the caged curiosities with ice creams, small children and that lingering perfume of the banana at the bottom...
Posted by Mark Earls

Neil Ansell on Escaping to the Woods

At the age of thirty, I was offered the tenancy of a cottage high in the hills of mid-Wales for just a peppercorn rent; a cottage with no electricity, gas or running water. I had no plan when I went there. I was...
Posted by Neil Ansell

Jinny Blom on What Makes A Therapeutic Landscape

When we stop to consider the towns and cities that we have built around us, it is astonishing how abominable most public landscaping is and how detrimental to the human spirit. How is it that we have we come to a collective agreement to accept it? Why do...
Posted by Jinny Blom

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