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On Not Liking the Way One Looks

Frustration with one’s appearance is an embarrassing – but, in truth, highly serious and valid – pain. Mature, reasonable people are not supposed to go around regretting their nose or hair. Yet you gaze in the bathroom mirror and think: why – in my...
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Philosophers Launch YouTube Channel

Traditionally, philosophy has been nervous around the idea of communication. Reaching out has not been high on the agenda. Academic philosophers have frequently erected barriers to wider participation: abstruse vocabulary and hypercomplex arguments have seemed to guarantee intelligence – all of which is a great...
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The Philosophers' Mail

The School of Life is proud to announce its latest venture, a new media outlet we've called The Philosophers' Mail: www.thephilosophersmail.com. This daily online news source is committed to bringing you the latest, biggest stories, as interpreted by a team of our in-house philosophers...
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Jaron Lanier on Who Owns the Future

Who Owns The Future?

We’re used to treating information as ‘free’,* but the price we pay for the illusion of ‘free’ is only workable so long as most of the overall economy isn’t about information. Today, we can still think of information as the intangible enabler of communications,...
Posted by Jaron Lanier
Francois Broussais on his deathbed by Charles Blanc

Deathbed tweet sent to memory cloud

Consider the following situation: a patient in a hospital ward posts ‘Dead’ in her/his online microblog status update. She/he is in the final stages of a terminal illness. She/he, or a relative/friend, posted this message using a smart phone device from her/his hospital bed....
Posted by Dr Mark Taubert
Scanners Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner's Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) is an experimental musician and artist of international renown whose collaborators include Laurie Anderson and Steve McQueen. Here he gives an illustrated listening and watching guide to enhancing the pleasure we get from the sound that surrounds us.  The joy of sound...
Posted by Robin Rimbaud

Aleks Krotoski on How Power Works Online‏

People generally don’t think of the paper on which the daily news is printed, or the printing press that puts it there, as anything but neutral. They identify the publishers as the ideologues and the medium as a conduit. You'd think the same, broadly...
Posted by Aleks Krotoski

Sound Power

You’re watching a heist scene. Rather than the sound, you’re focussing on the masked protagonists as they move from vault to getaway car, gold bullion in hand. But it’s the soundtrack – nothing but a ticking watch – that brings you to the edge...
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Nick Southgate reviews How to Thrive in the Digital Age by Tom Chatfield

Although one might dispute that societies have always progressed, they have certainly always changed. The Digital Age brings changes to our society on a daily basis. The speed and extent of this change seem to divide commentators into two camps. There are those that...
Posted by Nick Southgate

Ben Irvine on Internet Dead End

On a recent visit to the college I attended as an undergraduate, I bumped into a senior porter who had worked there most of his life. We were enjoying a friendly chat, just as we used to, when he surprised me by remarking...
Posted by Ben Irvine
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Zoe Langdell Reports On A Trip To The Future

Billed as a tour of the secret studios and experimental spaces of East London, it seemed incongruous that A Trip to The Future began at The Shepherdess, a greasy spoon just off Old Street. I ordered very stewed tea from the puzzled waiter, as...
Posted by Zoe Langdell

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