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Dear Bibliotherapist: Holiday Reading for Teenagers

Dear Bibliotherapist, My teens never seem to read at the moment – they are always on their i-pads, or phones, but it’s hard to sit them down with a good book. Do you have any good recommendations that might hook them in? Yours, Frustrated Mother. Dear...
Posted by Ella Berthoud

The Creative Brain

As Muhammed Ali entered the ring to face George Foreman before their epic 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" fight, he noticed that the humid Zaire air had slightly loosened the tension in the ropes around the boxing ring. In that instant Ali came up...
Posted by Dr Ben Martynoga
Imrpovisation with John Paul Flintoff

Anything Becomes Possible

When you are able to improvise, almost anything becomes possible. I really believe that - and just as I was planning to write this blog post I was handed a wonderful example of improvisation actually saving people's lives. But what do I mean by...
Posted by John-Paul Flintoff

Sonic Experiments

I'm currently sitting my living room, working, with the balcony door open. There is no music on, but there is a lot of sound. There's a long, underlying wash of distant traffic, and differently-pitched drones of motorbikes and cars close by, which swell and...
Posted by Kerry Andrew
GOYAThe Third of May Kelly Grovier

How to Steal a Work of Art

What do we want from art? A couple of weeks ago I was in Madrid with my wife, visiting the city for the first time. Like all committed culture vultures, we were determined to tackle as many museums and galleries as we possibly...
Posted by Kelly Grovier
Main imageportrait of Orsola de Castro

Knee Deep in Textile Waste

 “I just had an idea that over the course of the past few years has struck a cord, a creative design solution to an environmental challenge.  Each time someone wears A From Somewhere piece, or each student that discovers upcycling, and each person that...
Posted by Orsola de Castro
Final Dose of Optimism

How To Be A Successful Optimist: The Final Principle

The final principle of successful optimists is easy to say and hard to do. It is simply this: try to kick out your cynicism.  It’s hard to do because cynicism has become embedded in our society and is even held up as wisdom. But...
Posted by Mark Stevenson

Living with a Creative Mind

Why is creativity often linked to “madness” and why do creative people cause so much frustration to everyone around them? Why do they keep going to extremes? Why can’t they just be like normal people? Highly creative people have unique vulnerabilities and sensitivities - ways...
Posted by Jeff and Julie Crabtree
Mark Stevenson Optimism 5

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.5

I once had the lucky opportunity to observe two rival firms trying to do the same thing; namely working out how to integrate a particular enhancement made possible by new technology into their (competing) products. Both companies set up engineering teams. Both failed. Company A...
Posted by Mark Stevenson
Scanners Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner's Guide to the Joy of Sound

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) is an experimental musician and artist of international renown whose collaborators include Laurie Anderson and Steve McQueen. Here he gives an illustrated listening and watching guide to enhancing the pleasure we get from the sound that surrounds us.  The joy of sound...
Posted by Robin Rimbaud
MS Optimism Principle No3

How To Be A Successful Optimist: Principle No.3

Parents often comment on the startling creativity of their children. Pablo Picasso famously remarked, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once we grow up.” I’ll go further. Every child is an artist, yes, but also a scientist, engineer...
Posted by Mark Stevenson

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