Business Symposium: The Future of Work

Business Symposium: The Future of Work

Alain de Botton, Alexa Clay, Teresa Amabile, Tony Crabbe, Steven ten Have and many others on thriving in the 21st century.

How do we thrive in these rapidly changing times? The answer lies in mastering qualities that are essentially human: adaptability, empathy, confidence, critical thinking, self-awareness, communication and creativity. These qualities set us apart from machines and will play a crucial role in the success of businesses and professionals.

Rethinking work
Current systems aren’t working anymore and technology is disrupting business as usual. We need to fundamentally rethink how we lead our companies, our people and ourselves. Now more than ever, we need to be wise.

Get ready for the 21st century
Organisations that develop a culture of trust, community and meaning will be in the lead. And professionals who devote themselves to mastering emotional and social skills will feel more fulfilled and be more successful.

Learn from thinkers and leaders
At this innovative event, we will bring together thinkers and leaders who are changing the meaning of work. Entrepreneurs who are successful with self-managing teams, philosophers who are rethinking organisations and psychologists who are teaching how we can work more emotionally intelligent. Together, they will share with us their successes, set-backs and insights on the way to developing people and organisations of the 21st century. 

At this event you will learn how to:
• Use self-awareness as a tool to create more purposeful organisations.
• Create a culture that drives workers to perform at their best.
• Harness fundamentally human capabilities.
• Transform organisations from the inside.
• Create an egalitarian business model with happy employees and customers.
• Encourage true and deep collaboration.
• Create change trough energy, focus, hard & soft skills.

The School of Life’s vision on work 
The School of Life sees work as an integral part of our lives. Not only do we spend most of our waking hours at work, it is also the place where we develop our professional and emotional skills. We believe organisations should be places that allow its workers to flourish and that doing so will benefit organisation and society tremendously.

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Date: 29 september 2017

9.00 Welcome
9.30 Opening
9.45 Keynote 1
10.30 Break and transfer
10.45-11.40 Leader’s talk 1st round
11.45-12.30 Leader’s talk 2nd round
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.15 Keynote 2
14.20-15.00 Workshop The School of Life 1st round
15.00-15.20 Break
15.20-16.10 Workshop The School of Life 2nd round
16.15-17.00 Keynote 3
Language: With a few exceptions he talks and workshops are mostly in English.

DeLaMar Theater, Amsterdam

€495 (ex. vat) 
Including lunch and drinks
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Alain de Botton, is devoted to developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence. To Alain, an organisation should focus on its clients’ real needs, rather than their desires and should motivate its employees to continuously learn and mature.

Teresa Amabile is a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Teresa illuminates how great managers enable employees to have satisfying inner work lives: consistently positive emotions; strong motivation; and favourable perceptions of the organisation, their work and colleagues. 

Alexa Clay is an expert on subculture and innovation. She knows how to re-program multinational companies, break through bureaucracies and transform institutions and cultures from the inside. Alexa will teach you how to hack, hustle and provoke systems in need of change, and show us what changes are yet to come.

Tony Crabbe is author of international bestseller ‘Busy’ and business psychologist believes that as we approach the fourth industrial revolution, organizations will fail fast unless they start getting the best, and most human capabilities from their people. He will teach you how to harness their humanity.


Tex Gunning, CEO at Leaseplan. Tex is passionate about organisational development. Tex sees three elements as a crucial foundation for growth: meaning, spirit and community. He focuses on living purposeful mission, unleashing energy and encouraging true and deep collaboration. 

Albert Martens, Manager employee relations IKEA Group, works to create a better everyday life for employees and customers. He considers employees as the most important resource of any company and believes in each person’s ability and responsibility to develop and perform.

Carin Wormsbecher, managing director at Wedding Publishers transformed her company from a traditional top-down management style into an egalitarian business model where healthy and happy employees, suppliers and customers are a top priority.

Sjoerd van der Velden, founder and co-owner at Bruggink & Van der Velden lawyers and tax consultants developed an organistional culture with no hierarchy (so no boss), a 4 day work week, 100% democratic, profit-sharing arrangement, and a capped amount of billable hours. Because being distrustful of others is a costly business. Too costly really. And control is an illusion anyway.

Sentini Grunberg is the author of the book ‘Joyful entrepreneurship’and will lead and inspire you on the journey from dreaming, developing, communicating and eventually thriving in business.

 The School of Life teachers

Karim Benammar is a philosopher specialized in critical thinking techniques and teaches how to critically assess and reframe the restricted assumptions we may have about work .

Laurens Knoop is creative director and founder of The School of Life Amsterdam. Laurens is a student of Mastery and is devoted to helping people become true masters in their area of expertise.  

Maurits Kalff is a psychologist, coach, trainer and magistrate, based in London and will teach you how self-awareness wil lead to quality of life and a fulfilling career.

Frits Philips is the Head of Professional for The School of Life and combines his passion for language, storytelling and writing to help you rediscover your creativity.

Lammert Kamphuis is a philosopher and theologian who will teach you how to communicate better and give and receive feedback in a constructive way.


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